A woman saw eggs in her flowerpot and soon witnessed a miracle

A woman saw eggs in her flowerpot and soon witnessed a miracle

A user named veiledrose shared this story on the Reddit forum. She noticed an egg in a flower pot in the garden. Without touching it, she decided to find out who had left it there and began to watch the pot. The next day, she saw two eggs there.

It was obvious that a wild bird had chosen this pot as a home for its future children. But it was only possible to see them on the third day. The mother duck quietly “sat” on the eggs and hatched them. The wife and no one in the household disturbed the feathered guest.

In a few days, the mother duck laid 11 eggs in a pot and came regularly to hatch them, under the watchful gaze of all members of the family. One day, they saw the chicks starting to hatch!

All 11 ducklings have hatched – all in excellent condition and active. At the time of hatching, the mother of some ducklings was not there, but the owner of the house carefully watched her and controlled the process. The mother duck then took over all the maternal tasks.

A little later, when the chicks grew up a little, the mother organized a “move” to another place and the duck family left the pot.

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